Why your logo must be pro


If we are honest, one has to admit we are creatures who easily make decisions based on our first impressions as we are very visual. Those two facts are part of why having a professionally designed logo representing your business or organization is so important.

For Example: I can think of times I have eaten at restaurants by the high recommendation of a friend. Upon looking at their logo and brand I am almost certain I would have not even looked twice at the place. If I had not had the personal recommendation to assure me of their excellent service and food i would have most likely overlooked. That makes one realize how much more successful that restaurant (or any business) could be if they had a professional logo and branding system in place catching patron’s attention and accurately representing their quality services upon first impression. There are always exceptions and good / quality service will eventually gain the attention it deserves however the identity / logo help represent these qualities visually right off the bat!

It should be said however, a logo will not be a cure all for a bad product or business. A professional logo identity design should be the icing on the cake of a solid business.

A logo has a big job. It has a small amount of time to communicate a big important message about your business. There are a lot of things to consider when executing a professional logo design to achieve this. That is why it is important to have a professional with that skill set and training design your logo.

Here are a few important characteristics of a professional logo design. Your logo should..

Be memorable
Since your logo has to work quickly and effectively it needs to be simple clever and memorable. You want it to inspire your target audience to do business with you now or cause them to remember you when the time is right.

Be effective without color
If a logo is executed well it should work without color. it’s general shape and lockup should be strong by itself. That is why in my design process I complete the logo form first in B&W before moving onto color. That assures me that the logo works on it’s own and the color is just the next step towards a strong branding system.

Be Scalable
I always say that a logo should work on a jumbo jet or matchbox and still be legible. A good logo should work well even when re sized to a wide range of applications.

Be relevant & unique
Lastly, and this may seem obvious but a logo needs to be relevant. In order to assure that is achieved much research must be done. When starting a logo design project I always gather as much pertinent information as I can from the client first (usually via my logo brief) and continue my own research from there.

Learning details about the target audience and also competition is key in creating a logo that is indeed relevant but also unique.

Your logo is a very important investment to your business. Make sure you take measures to insure its the best it can be in representing your business at first glance. First impressions are everything!


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  1. I think it’s MORE important to find a catchy name,
    that people will remember.
    Then you can concentrate on the visual image.

  2. Will 7 years ago Reply

    I like that you kept the integrity of the original design. It keeps the symbol of the team intact and harks to the legacy from which it came.

    Interested to see more from you and would request your service.

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