Why I specialize


In the industry of creative design we are always striving to gain traction to stand out right? We love that we get to do what we are passionate / skilled at for a living but nobody is going to know what we have to offer if we do not build recognition. It is safe to say there are tons of creative fish in the sea, so how do we begin building a name for ourselves?

As we know there are different focuses of design that can be broken down into the two main categories of Web / digital and print. Both of these main groups can then be broken down into even more specific focuses. Web interface design, animation, video, layout design, branding, identity design to name just a few. Many designers come out of school considering themselves a jack of all trades or a “hybrid designer” because thankfully they may have learned a bit of it all. But is it good to spread ourselves that thin?

I don’t believe one strategy works for every single person but when I started freelancing I did a good amount of research to make a decision for myself. Since I was going into business for myself I felt I needed to make that decision. I found good evidence pointing in the direction of it being most wise to target your skills AND your audience. Instead of doing it all to only become decent at a bunch if different skills, focus on a few and become excellent at those areas that you are strongest at. When you focus to build true quality skills in a specialization and also position yourself accordingly to target the appropriate audience that needs and values those services, that is a strong equation!

When I worked through this creative design marketing research I was also at a point in my career where I had several years of touching a bit of everything. I had came to realize my specialization and TRUE passion lied in logo / identity design and custom lettering. Because I am Illustrative in nature and I am most skilled and creating line work I knew this needed to be my focus. I am also very passionate about the importance of good branding.

For about seven years now this has been my focus and true passion. With this approach I have managed to do some very exciting work for big clients and build a name and business for myself revolving around a specialization that is perfect for my passion and skill set. I get so pumped! Every day I am excited about what I do and what I am striving to provide because behind it is a purposeful but yet ever evolving plan to offer quality in these creative services.


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