Burg Bicentennial Apparel

Every summer I work on a passion project. This year’s project is one I have been wanting to complete for a long time and that is creating unique apparel for my hometown. I live in a small city named Miamisburg. We are the only city with that name, have some pretty unique qualities, and a rich history. With all that said, this year is Miamisburg’s Bicentennial year and a perfect opportunity for me to complete this passion project!

Many celebrations are going on this summer and the bicentennial was the big kick in the butt for me to finally design some custom “Burg” apparel. Having lived here my whole life I have a pretty good gauge on the culture and idiosyncrasies of the community. I used that, and the Bicentennial to create some fun apparel I was hoping would spark with people. So far it has!

This weekend I sat up at a small one-day event to test the waters and it went very well despite some not so great weather. The most popular design so far is “the Burg” design. This is a nickname many of us use in the community. The designs are custom lettered with a few small exceptions on the MSBG design being modified type.

I love the screen printing process so much I had to get my hands dirty on the production of at least one. the Miamisburg Script shirts I printed at home. The rest I sent off to a local printer.

It’s always hard to know what people are going to like and actually want to wear but I had a pretty specific chord to strike here which made it fun. I have more Miamisburg print and craft work to do for the main event this June, one including a screen printed commemorative poster.


Colossians 3:23