Lettering to Refined Vector

I love sharing my process and so for my second creative Skillshare class Hand Lettering to Refined Vector I decided to focus on two of my favorite things. Lettering and vector!

In this class we will learn how to take our hand drawn lettering and perfectly refine it in vector with Adobe Illustrator. I will cover three different vectorization methods I use. Each method uses a different Illustrator tool as well as a strategic and efficient process for constructing the lettering. The method choice is dependent on the lettering style you are looking to achieve.

If you aren’t familiar Skillshare has a collection of both free and premium classes. I love the classes myself because they are broke down into small straight forward easily digestible videos. There are many categories from Design to cooking! When you sign up for the first time you get a month for free to try it out. No commitment. Go here to get started!


Colossians 3:23