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That Pro is my dad, and I have had the honor of growing up watching him and being inspired. He is a pinstriper / sign painter who started straight out of high school in 1975. The variety of styles, mediums, and applications of his hand crafted lettering and line work has been incredible to see over the years.

He used to load up a palette and brush with his paint for me when I was a kid, and I would go to town on a metal barrel in the garage. His One shot paint and amazing brushes, including his infamous favorite and hard to find sword striper, were the main tools of choice.

This November for the first time in my professional career I got to collaborate with him. I was hired by my friends at Boom Crate studios here in Dayton to design a large sign for the interior of their new office / studio. They wanted something fun to list out all of their core values or “House Rules.” These established rules for Boom Crate definitely speak to the quality and passion behind the video work they produce.

After I worked through the process thoroughly from sketch to vector, we were then ready to transfer it to the large sheet of metal that they chose for the sign. Using his plotter and the pounce pattern transfer method he got my design prepped and ready for hand lettering.

I have always want to take time to learn as much as I can about his craft and this was the perfect opportunity. As we started I was just a bit unsure how easily it would come to me. Practicing as a kid was a LONG time ago! To my surprise I caught on quickly and fell in love with every smooth minute of working those letters. Not to say I didn’t mess up a few times— but it is hard to fail when you are learning from the best.

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