Script Sculpting

I am very blessed to have a career where I get to be creative and do what I love for a living. Most of my work is 2D and digital and I love every aspect of that kind of work however, sometimes it really feels good to flex some other creative muscles, get my hands really dirty in making something tangible.

A month ago my husband and I had our second child, a daughter and we named her Rylin! As most do, I directed my creative passions in prepping her room. I wanted to do as much custom stuff as I could. Almost right away I knew I wanted to do a pretty scrolling lettering piece to place above her crib on the wall. I sketched out many scrolling “R’s” until I reached the one that made me happy. At that point I had no idea how I was going to bring this to life, but I went for it…


Here is a collage of my progress. I literally went 100% by my own intuition and constructed this thing of materials I had that could work. Cardboard backing with Styrofoam for frame shape of the letter. I then coated the R with dry wall joint compound! I sanded and reapplied until I could get it as smooth as I could then also added a little beveled dimension to the top. I finished by painting it white and giving it subtle grey shadows.


It was definitely an experiment and I had to figure out how to reinforce areas of weakness so it would stop cracking or flat out break, but I got it there and I am happy with how it turned out!

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