Miamisburg Bicentennial Poster

2018 was my hometown’s bicentennial year. I created merchandise and sold throughout the summer and fall. One piece I made was this 18 x 24 poster featuring some key buildings and landmarks in our town including the largest conical shaped earthwork ( Indian burial mound ) of its kind in the United States. Here in the Burg we call it: “the mound”. There is so much more that is special about our little town that I cherish. To decide how I wanted to complete this piece I walked around town and took pictures and just soaked things in. I paid careful attention to small details and interpreted them in this simpler linear treatment. From the key landmarks to the smaller decorative embellishments surrounding, everything has a visual tie to the down. I’ll lay it all out below..

Miamisburg Bicentennial Posters for Sale. The posters are still available to grab and are marked down to $10 and can be PURCHASED HERE

I sketched out a few concepts on my iPad and pencil then finalized the piece in Adobe illustrator. All of the type is custom lettered. I didn’t want to simply digitally print these. I wanted them to have a handcrafted feel. They were two color silkscreen printed on 100wt French grout grey paper.

I was a bit overwhelmed on how to narrow things down and include what would be best and integrate it in a creative way. I used Facebook to get a consensus from Miamisburgians on landmarks.

A list of the Landmarks & Easter Eggs.

1. St. Jacob’s steeple (central top)
2. City Square Building (central top)
3. Historic downtown buildings on Main and central (top right)
4. Baum Opera House (top left)
5. Miamisburg burial mound (above Miamisburg text)
6. Downtown Clock
7. A remnant of Hamburger Wagon
8. The exterior wall of Carnegie Library park (bottom left & right

Other more hidden or vague visuals are that the curly subtle wave-like linework to the left and right of “200” are a representation of water or the great Miami river which runs through town and made our name Miami’s burg. In the square building parts to the left and right of the clock are embellishments that are all of our city, schools buildings, and parks. They sit at the top left and right of a circular hole on those dated brown with burgundy trim signs. it’s something I have noticed since I was a kid. Other than that the other embellishment were simply plucked from the tops of the downtown buildings that I thought were neat. Next time you are down there, look up and really force yourself to appreciate the art in that old architecture. I do it all the time.

This summer during the celebrations I was able to throw a slight water damaged copy into the Bicentennial time capsule that will not be opened again for 50 years. The capsule from 1968 was exhumed and read through to friends and family, though many items were left unlabeled. I left a note for my kids on the back. The water damage to that copy was a result of a strong storm blowing through my tent during the celebration where I was selling the merchandise. I nice couple stopped to help me hold down my tent and I was able to keep everything safe except that one poster! That was a prime example of how awesome our little community and is one of many reasons I was excited to celebrate Miamisburg through my art.


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