Maple Leafs Centennial concept

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Back in early 2014 I was hired by the MLSE to develop a logo for the Toronto Maple Leafs centennial season. That season is now! 2017. Unfortunately my exact concept was not maintained but this was such a thrilling project to work on that I have been waiting a LONG time to share! ha! Here is a little peak at my process from sketch to final vector three years ago.

Obviously a centennial season for such a historical and foundational hockey team like the Maple Leafs was a big deal! I spent a lot of time exploring many concepts. I wanted to create a logo that had a feel of strength and motion. Here are a few of several initial thumb nails I worked through in the beginning. Exploring many rough concepts is always important!

I worked with the wonderful creative direction of Matt Coyle at the MLSE and we explored several different versions to consider.

This was the final concept we landed on.

The Maple leafs ended up doing an entire branding overhaul for the team that has a throwback feel and my centennial logo design got sidelined. Sometimes you work on a project, do what you are asked, hand the final over, and directions change. It can be disappointing but does not take away from the pleasure of getting to create something so fun and awesome especially for a team like the Maple Leafs! I learned to let the disappointment transition to a real drive to continue to create more excellent work. Specifically, I’ve enjoyed every opportunity I’ve had to work on sports identity design because as I have made very clear, it is a true creative passion of mine.

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