Logo Lounge book 9 – Sports

I was excited to receive an email a week or so ago letting me know that I will be having a logo featured in the sports section of logo lounge 9. This is my 2nd time submitting & being chosen to be featured in this publication and I couldn’t be more stoked. Here it is!

Hornets Sports logo

As I have stated before the sports industry is a market that I am very passionate about creating for. I like to stay in tune with what is going on creatively in the sports world as there is so much potential and great things happening with all the different sports leagues, organizations and of course teams.

With all this great creativity I am striving to continually gain recognition as a designer who has a lot to offer in the sports realm. Sometimes there are some surprisingly weak or bad sports re brands that make us designers sad.

My passion is to be a designer who work diligently to design a sports logo that bring continued enthusiasm to a sports team or organization. In some cases there is a strong history / tradition behind a mark that needs to be preserved while being brought up-to-date visually. I simply love all these different challenges of sports logo design and am incredibly inspired by it all.


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