I wrote a tut for tutsplus


I am officially a tutorial writer. Well, at least I have one under my belt. I was approached by PSDtutsplus to write a tutorial revolving around my logo and lettering design doings. I wasn’t sure what I would do at first. While i am quite skilled in Photoshop, I felt I would have more unique ideas in Illustrator. I was also momentarily letting myself get hung up on the idea that every step had to be done in PSD. I am so old school (proudly) in that most all the time my first few steps involving pencil and paper.

I eventually realized, why would I discourage showing hands-on steps in a Photoshop or any program tutorial for that matter. Why should I force every step to be done in PSD when many times the more efficient route is to get your hands dirty and combine two powerful things. There is not always a need to force a program to achieve a realistic effect when an analog approach can be more appropriate. So that is precisely the route I took with this “How to Create a Chalk Logo Effect in Photoshop tutorial on PSDtutsplus.


Chalk Tutorial


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