Facebook Reply, taming comment chaos

Well here we go again! Facebook’s friendly “look what’s new!” notification it popping up to tell us it has made some changes. I don’t know about you, but sometimes my immediate reaction is not always joyous. As soon as we get used to one thing something changes or we feel they are trying to fix something that wasn’t broken! Facebook is always evolving and usually for the better, but because of the few times it wasn’t, we are left a bit nervous. Well Let me calm your nerves!

In the case of yesterday’s launch of the reply and commenting thread feature we are being graced with something that will bring much needed organization to Facebook commenting conversations. It’s a great and long overdue addition. The sad news is that this new feature is not for every Facebook page. This roll out of replies and threaded comments is only for pages used by brands and businesses and public profiles for individuals with more than 10,000 followers.

We all know how crazy confusing commenting can get, especially on high volume profiles. It’s hard to keep track of who is commenting on what and where, not to mention the spam. We can find ourselves spending lots of time when we are totally sucked into a particular commenting string. The time spent scrolling up and down to make heads or tails of the conversations can be maddening! Believe it or not this reply and comment threading feature it meant to keep your viewers on your page longer by allowing them to spend that time efficiently engaged with much less frustration. This is valuable!

Another major plus to this addition is that it allows the most-commented-on or liked replies and those closest to your network to gravitate to the top, while those marked spam sink to the bottom! Get out the way spam!

You will see that a lot of consideration has been put into this feature as it has been in testing since November 2012. Thank you Facebook for bringing some organization to the chaos that could easily be found in commenting.

Now its time for us to remember the importance of engaging with our audience with relevant and helpful comments and content. Facebook is trying to help reduce the noise, and so should we!


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