Designing in a “small world”

Back in 2009 I completed some design work for a great client of mine Bah-Pna Dahane. He had me design a personal logo for a professional basketball player named Carlos Morais along with two other pro Angolan players. It was a job I was thrilled to have and thoroughly enjoyed.

About a week ago Bah brought to my attention, as it was going down, that Carlos was signing to train with the Toronto Raptors. Charlos Morais is now now working towards making history in hopefully being the first Angolan Pro player to play in the NBA! I was totally excited to hear this news.
What makes this a “small world story” in my eyes is that by a completely different connection I worked on a referee clinic logo design for the Toronto Raptors just this summer. Kinda coincidental right? However it wasn’t until I started reading the articles about his move to the NBA / Raptors (literally as they were hitting the cyber pages of Google) that I was really blown away. I went on to read of two other players who are also joining the Raptors training camp and one name caught my attention real quick!

Ill set things up a bit. I am from and still live in Dayton Ohio and if you love basketball and Dayton then you are surely a UD (University of Dayton) fan. When I saw the name Chris Wright in that article I thought no way! Sure enough. UD basketball hero, 2011 grad Chris Wright is playing right along side of Carlos Morais from Angola Africa. What a small world!?

To you it might seem like nothing, but for this girl who loves design, her clients, basketball, and Dayton, this is super exciting! I love quirky little coincidences like that. Well, I take that back. I don’t really believe in coincidences.

Here is a peak of that personal logo I designed for Morias in 2009.


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  1. Rodney Crimes 6 years ago Reply

    That’s what it’s all about, I can’t wait to help brand / support other Dayton, Ohio natives as they partake in their careers. Thanks for sharing I went to hight school with Chris Wright cool dude.

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