Chosen for Logo Lounge Vol 8

Since my purchase of volume three a few years ago, I have been well-aware of the book that is jam packed with beautiful logo work. That book is Logo Lounge. A collection of 2000 logos from leading designers around the world. This year I decided to take a stab at entering a few of my logos for consideration for volume 8. Before I knew it, I had the ever-exciting notification letting me know one of my logo was chosen for vol 8! I was totally stoked!

Here is the chosen logo.

This logo I designed for a client in Florida who was starting a Christian apparel line. As usual I present 2-3 concepts to the client. This client was pretty adamant about having a silhouette of Christ for the logo and I will admit I was resistant for a few reasons initially. I showed him other options as well as his idea of the silhouette. After working through the process of exploring and gaining his feedback, this logo was finalized.

Being featured in this prestigious book in the logo / design world is very exciting and I’m even more excited to try my hand at being featured in future books. Thanks Logo Lounge!


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  1. Jill Simpson 8 years ago Reply

    No surprise to me that your work is being featured in Logo Lounge. You are so talented. Great job and very nice representation of Christ silhouetted. Just enough to know who it is…

Colossians 3:23