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Inspire Cards Process

Posted in - Creative Process & Lettering on December 13th 2016 0 Comments

This year I wanted to make a series of custom lettered cards for Christmas and the Holidays. I wanted them to be hand crafted and printed. Check out my process…

Explore Eques

Posted in - Creative Process & Lettering on February 26th 2016 0 Comments

I was hired by Hasbro to design a custom lettered logo for a My Little Pony line. MLP was the craze when I was a kid…

Pushin’ the Process

Posted in - Creative Process on November 15th 2014 0 Comments

Most designers have been taught and learned from experience that not following a thoughtful process can make or break the success of your project. It is such an important part of what we do…

Why your logo must be pro

Posted in - Creative Process on September 10th 2013 2 Comments

If we are honest, one has to admit we are creatures who easily make decisions based on our first impressions as we are very visual. Those two facts are part of why having a professionally designed logo representing your business or organization is so important.

Time at SAA Q2

Posted in - Creative Process on February 28th 2013 0 Comments

For the past six weeks I have been filling in as an instructor at the School of Advertising Art, a design school in the Dayton area. I was instructing 1st year student in a digital illustration class. It was a great time of getting to know some creative students, instructors, staff, and just witnessing…